Teaching English: Korea

For quite a while I have been interested in teaching English overseas, specifically, my dream has been teaching English…Korea!  I got a bit of the travel bug and again, I began to research teaching English & Korea.  Of all of the areas, Korea seemed like the best place to teach. Not only could I earn enough money to support myself and pay bills back home, but I can also travel to nearby exotic areas in Asia. That’s a travel writer’s dream. So, I began to wrap my mind around the idea and think about how it would all work. I began to think that I could really end up there.

Teaching English: Korea, Getting a Job

I am at the stage where I am looking for a job. I decided not to renew my teaching contract in the United States. I hope to leave for Korea in August 2009. I already know where I would like to teach in South Korea. Busan seems amazing. It’s a coastal city of about 3 million people. I hope that I get a school near the beach!

Public Schools Versus Private Schools

At this point, I hope to teach at a public school. More vacation time is available for public school teachers. I will get all of the national holidays off, that could equal up to five weeks off compared to the private schools. EDITED ON 2/1/10 TO ADD: It’s actually 18 school days plus national holidays. My system doesn’t give teachers five weeks off.

I could expect to get only two weeks off working at a private school. I want to have time to explore, so time offi is important to me. I would also work with a Korean co-teacher in a public school, but the class sizes are large, 30 students in a class. Oh well. I guess that I can’t have everything!

Getting Documents together

I am working with Footprints recruiting and was sent a list of the documents that I need to get my visa. I need my undergraduate degree, but can’t find it anywhere. I have my master’s degree and high school diploma, but I need that undergrad degree. I contacted the university. It will take three months to get it. I am worried that the time period is too long. I’m not sure if the school system will wait such a long time to receive my documents, if I am hired.  Other documents I will need for teaching English/Korea include:

  • Transcripts
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Letter of  Recommendation (2)

Someone is writing a letter of recommendation for me and I received some of my transcripts in the mail. I will get the criminal background check during Spring Break. I am also thinking seriously about renting my house out. That would be pretty awesome… no mortgage to pay! Anyway, I can’t wait! I told my tax preparer about my trip and she hugged me. Awwww that was so sweet of her!

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