English Teacher Job in Korea: The Application

My English teacher job is moving in the right direction. I received an e-mail today from Footprints Recruiting stating that my EPIK application looks good and that they will be forwarding it off to the Korean Ministry of Education.

English Teacher Job, A Little Background Info

Let me backtrack a little. I am still early in the process of applying for an English teacher job in Korea. First, I had to submit an application and a digital photo of myself to Footprints via e-mail. Footprints is the recruiting firm that I chose, primarily because a lot of people in a Facebook group that I belong to recommended them. I also chose them because I felt comfortable working with them as an African American woman. Yes. There were some firms that stated online that it would be difficult to get a position due to being of certain ethnic groups. Yeah. Okay.

Anyway, I sent queries to a couple of other firms just to see what their response time would be like, and Footprints got back to me right away, and they set up an interview with me right away. They initially contacted me within a week of me sending off my e-mailed application to them. Then they sent me a couple of other e-mails giving me gentle reminders to go ahead and apply for the public schools position, which was another application. I needed that push and appreciated it.

Waiting for an Interview

So, tonight I got an e-mail stating that my application looks fine and they are sending it to Korea. Interviews are supposed to begin around April 1st (2009) so I expect to hear something soon about setting up a phone interview with the Ministry of Education. If that interview goes well, and I can get my documents together, I’m in. I already told people at work that I’m applying and just had a conversation with a co-worker today about the trip. I am extremely excited. I’m at the point where I am trying to get the job first and worry about the details later…


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  • Leslie Greene

    I’m interested in teaching in Seoul, Korea. I have applied with footprints and now two others: teachabroad and globalcampus. I would love to converse with you through email or facebook.

    I am a former educator in the Miami Dade County Public School System and I am in the process of establishing a business. I am currently writing a book and working on various other projects.

    I would love to hear from you.

  • Nikki

    Thank you! Thank you for your blog on being a black woman teaching abroad in Korea. Currently, I’m in the application phase so am hoping I can land a position for an April start date (although I hear it is much competitive now). I’ve always had some reservations about certain agencies preferring “real Americans” (i.e., Caucasian women) over black teachers. Two agencies, in particular, have been giving me the run around since December!

    I’ll definitely check out Footprints Recruiting and, hopefully, find a private school position.

    Keep up the insightful updates!

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  • Elin

    Dear Korea Diva,

    I found your site because I was making a birthday present for my Korean daughter in law. I found a old Korean suji poem “The Fisherman” by Yun Sonda. It is about the 4 seasons. I want to illustrate the poem written in both Korean and English with her photos. However she does not have any winter shots which is why I googled Images – Korea in winter and found you. Best of luck with your teaching. My daughter is from this city. Elin

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