Application for English Speaking Job in Korea

I have made some progress in my pursuit of an English speaking job in Korea. My recruiter finally e-mailed me and told me that I could get a certified letter from the university stating that I graduated until a copy of my diploma comes through. Remember, I lost my diploma, and I can’t find it anywhere. So, if I do get an interview with the public school system, I can submit that letter along with my other documents. I have already requested the letter from my undergraduate university and expect to receive it next week.

English Speaking Job Transcripts

I’ve made other progress as well. I sent for transcripts from all universities that I attended or took classes through joint enrollement arrangements. I spent at least $60 on transcripts alone because I needed three per school, but ordered one extra per school for my records. I sent the requests off on Wednesday. So, transcripts should start trickling in next week.

Criminal Background Check

Next week I will get my criminal background check and have my master’s degree copied and notarized for the application. I have one recommendation completed, but the person didn’t put his personal contact information on it. I have requested a second recommendation and will send an e-mail tonight asking that she type her contact information in the letter just to be safe. Both letters will be on letterhead and contact information is on the letterhead, but I don’t want to take chances!

Within the next two weeks I will have all of the documents that I need to send off if I am offered a contract. I am totally psyched up for the trip. I’m not even nervous about going or about getting a job. I feel as if I will totally be offered a position and will be in Korea in August.

Spring break is next week, so I can do a lot of running around. I have another writing gig to earn the money I will need to get settled there. If I get a job with the public schools, they reimburse for the plane ticket upon arrival, and I will have an apartment paid for already. I will need money for stuff in the apartment.

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