Waiting for EPIK Interview Results

Today is the beginning of the second day of waiting on my EPIK interview results. EPIK stands for the English Program in Korea. I still have plenty to do to get my paperwork ready if I am selected. I still need copies of my passport. I found a great company that prints passport photos for $14 for a package of six photos. You can pick the photos up from a local Walgreens. When I called, I was told that if I sent the photo to the company by 7 p.m., they could format it into a passport sized photo and I could pick it up from Wallgreens at around 9 p.m. I’m sure that every situation is different. I just wanted to let you know about this company if you need the photos and are still in the U.S. The UPS store was charging more than $10, maybe it was $14 or $15 for two passport photos. I need at least four for my application package.

Calls that I have Made for My ESL in Korea Application

I called my universities. I took some classes at different schools and had the credits transferred. For example, while a high school student, I took college courses during the summer. I also took a study abroad class as a graduate student, and took a math course at a community college. I am awful at math, and tried to get out of taking the college math at my university. It didn’t work. So, just to be sure that there are no problems or issues, I ordered transcripts from all of these different schools. I haven’t received any of the transcripts and it has been a week, so I called to follow up. All of the schools processed my request two days ago, so I expect to receive the transcripts, today, tomorrow or Monday.

I Lost My Degree and I need it for My VISA

What should you do if you can’t find your degree? Order another original degree from your university. It may take a few months to get it. It will take me three months to get the degree. That’s crazy, your university may send yours sooner. In the meantime, ask your school to send a letter verifying that you have graduated or will graduate. My school had a form for this purpose, so I had to request a history and a degree verification (all on one form). I received that today. I do have my master’s degree, so that has already been sealed or confirmed by the Apostille. My recruiter told me that since I have a master’s degree, I also have to send the bachelor’s degree with the application. Until I get the degree from the school, I will send the history that I received from the registrar’s office.

On Monday, I need to request that my current employer give me proof that I have taught full-time for two or more years. I only need this documentation because I am a current teacher. Applicants who do not have teaching experience, don’t have to worry about this. Experienced teachers receive more money than those without experience. Hopefully, I can get this information from my school quickly! If I find out that I have gotten the job in Korea, if my EPIK interview results are positive, I should have the paperwork that I need.

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