Contract and Visa Documents Mailed for Teaching in Korea

Passport Photo Adventure

I mailed my contract and visa documents for the job teaching in Korea, but not without some drama! The drama took place when going to pick up my passport photos. I ordered my passport photos through on I took my on photo with my digital camera and paid someone $14 to format them (6 copies of the same picture) into passport-sized pictures. I am pretty sure that I could have done this myself for free, but I didn’t have the time nor the patience. Anyway, I took the photo and sent it online to the person who owns the company. I received a confirmation, but it went to SPAM, of course. So, I e-mailed him the next day. His contact information was on the site. He e-mailed me back, and everything was cool. He even called me to see if the photo was okay. While on the phone, he said that I may have to pay about 70 cents for the packet to get them from Walgreens. That was okay with me. I later got an e-mail saying that my photos were ready for pickup from Walgreens. His company is not affiliated with Walgreens, passportpictures just sends the photos to a Walgreens near you to be printed, if you choose that option. You can select the Walgreens you want, by filling in the address in a form.

Where is the Walgreens with my Passport Pictures?

Anyway, I called Walgreens to make sure that my photos were there. While on the phone, I asked the woman, who I think was the manager, if the Walgreens was where I thought it was. Let’s just say that there was some confusion, but since there is only one Walgreens, in the small store, I decided to try to get to it. I was transferred to the photo department and the guy tried to tell me that Walgreens was losing money on people who took their own passport photos and got them printed at Walgreens. He tried to tell me that for passport photos I had to get them taken by him at the Walgreens and pay $7 for two. I was annoyed and just wanted my photos. He then tried to tell me that I had to pay some money for each photo to get them out of the lab. I explained that I was told that I’d have to pay about 70 cents total. Anyway, he said that he will give me a break and give me my photos no charge, since I paid for them through passport pictures.

I Love my Samsung Instinct GPS

So I drive to the Walgreens. They couldn’t find my photos. I was at the wrong branch. The guy at the photo department gave me directions, but since I am directionally challenged, I didn’t listen to a word he was saying and got the address, typed it in my Instinct GPS and was off. I had to drive another 8-10 miles in the opposite direction, so I was not amused.

I made it to the photo department and the photo guy gave me my photos for free, warning me that the manager wouldn’t do that but I can get passport photos for free as long as he is there. Was that a flirt? Anyway… I got the photos, and then got turned around (lost) trying to get home. Thank God for my GPS! It took a few tries before I was going home in the right direction, and my wise GPS decided that it would be best that I take the interstate instead of the back roads that I took to get there.


  • Hey – next time you’re getting passport photos, check out:

    Making your passport photos is super-easy (took me about 20 minutes) and it’ll cost you a total of about $0.25 for 5 photos.

    I just did mine a few weeks ago, preparing for my EPIK documents which I just sent in. Superstoked.

    Best of luck in Korea, maybe I’ll see you at the EPIK orientation or whatnot.

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  • Janos

    You can create valid passport photos with website.
    It uses face detection to set size and position of head.
    It is free.
    Built-in standards for 63 countries.

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