Still Waiting on Visa Number to Teach in Korea

I am still waiting to see if my documents have been approved by the English Program in Korea (EPIK) to receive my visa number to teach in Korea. If my documents, degree, criminal background check (with an apostille seal) transcripts and reference letter are approved, I should get a another official contract sent to me via courier. I think that the visa number will be included with that package. I haven’t heard that anything is missing or incomplete, so guess that no news is good news. Once I get the visa number, I have to take it to the Korean Consulate, here in the U.S. with copies of all of the stuff that I mailed, or something like that.

Did I mention that it cost almost $50 to send my documents to Korea via UPS to teach in Korea? The package was sent on Wednesday and arrived on Sunday, which was Monday in Korean time. Korea is about 14 hours ahead of me. Oh, and I want to state that it is best that you have some time off from work to do all of the running around that it will take to get the documents that you need and get the Apostille seals on the criminal background check and the degree. Luckily, I was able to get it all done during a week-long break from my full-time job. If I didn’t have the break, I would have had to take at least a day off. Some areas do not have Apostilles nearby, too. So it may be necessary to take a road trip to get to the nearest Apostille.


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