Will Be Getting EPIK Visa Documents

I contacted my Footprints recruiter about a week ago, because I couldn’t wait any longer and I had to find out what was up with getting my EPIK Visa documents and package. It turns out that I probably will not be getting the package until June. EPIK is still busy interviewing applicants and they like to wait until they have most of the applicants selected before sending the Visa packages out. If there was a problem with my package they would let me know, but so far, so good. My recruiter said that the person who checks the packages in Korea had forwarded my final packet, with my contract, over to EPIK. This package contained my transcripts, criminal background check, reference letters, visa photos, and copies of my diplomas. I’m sure that I’ve forgotten a bunch of stuff, it was a big packet. I am super-tired and dealing with a lot of unmentionable things at this point, not really related to my trip. I just wanted to write a quick update since I hadn’t in a while.

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