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As more and more people learn about my plans to teach in Korea, I am receiving a lot of questions related to getting a job teaching abroad. People what to know how to find a job teaching in a foreign country.

I first learned about teaching English overseas simply because I love to travel and was interested in the topic. Somehow or another, I found Dave’s ESL Cafe online several years ago. I began reading the forums and job boards and fantasized about teaching in some distant land. I didn’t act on my desires, because I just wasn’t ready to take the leap. I also had even more loose ends back then than I do now.

In my research, I learned that Korea was probably the best place for me to begin because it would not take as much money to get set up there, and Korea has established ESL programs for teachers like the English Program in Korea. I also learned that I will be able to hook up with some minority teachers there, and it would help to have that resource there.

Recently, I have found other resources for teaching abroad after I leave Korea, I will explore these options.

The Department of Defense has military schools. An awesome friend and ESL teacher at work talked about teaching on military bases and in international schools overseas. I didn’t really want to pursue that this year because I am hating the paperwork associated with teaching, and I figure that there will be a lot of paperwork to complete while teaching with the government. I could be wrong, though! I am imagining working on lesson plans on the weekends, grading papers, and calls to parents. That’s pretty much what my life is like now, and I am not feeling it!

If I do decide to go that route and work at an international school abroad, I would probably subscribe to TIE Online, a job publication for international educators. I just need to be assured that I will not be spending most of my free time completing administrative tasks for work! I am trying to have a life outside of work, and it does look like I will have that in Korea. What do you all think?

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  • Teaching in itself is a rewarding career if you think of the thousands of young minds that gain from your knowledge. There is indeed a lot of grueling paperwork and other requirements that one needs to go through to become a teacher but I feel it is worth very bit of the effort.
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