Packing for the Move to SoKo

Okay, fair readers. I just wanted to let you know, that I have been busy packing and preparing for my move to Busan. Today, I bought some clothes and flat shoes to take along. For those of you who are travelling to South Korea (SoKo) or are just interested, make sure that you contact your airline to find out what the weight restrictions are for your luggage. They will charge you if your baggage is too heavy or if you have more than the allowed amount. My airline allows two bags, checked-in at 50 pounds each, and one carry-on bag. Ladies may bring a purse in addition to the carry-on. The bags also have to be a certain size.

For your carry-ons, check with all of your airlines for the sizes. If you are taking more than one line, use the most strict requirement for your bags. You don’t have to check all sizes for the checked bags, just call the one airline that you are using for your departure.

For EPIK People
The August 2009 directions state that you need to have one bag packed with clothes for nine days worth of orientation and any personal items that you will need for orientation. Your other bags will be stored, and you won’t be able to get to them.

Korean Electricity
I still need to get adapters so that I can plug my laptop in! I am going to bring the adapter in my carryon in case I need it on the plane.

Flying to Korea
If you are flying a long distance, don’t forget your travel pillow and your blanket or anything that will make you more comfortable on the long flight. Some airlines make you pay for food, too! Yikes!

Additional Items to Pack
I have heard from online friends in Korea that large towels are hard to find. (Edited on October 2010 to add: regular sized towels can be a little difficult to find when you first get there, but I did find some inNampdong on the street and at HomePlus, a large department store). Sheets are expensive in SoKo. (Added to add. Yes. Sheets are expensive and they don’t really use fitted sheets, but you can find time at Homeplus).  I’m not sure about that one. Deodorant may be difficult to find… Ladies who are brown like me, should bring foundation makeup if they use it, because our beautiful dark shades are not easily found in SoKo. I didn’t find any foundation at any time in South Korea for brown skin. Bring lots! Oh, and it can be $40 just to ship it  from a store to South Korea if your family doesn’t do it for you.

Car Insurance
While away, I am trying to figure out what to do about my car. I am probably going to get a new sticker for the tag and get limit the insurance. I plan on keeping it. It’s a good car, and paid for! (Added on October 2010 to add, I let my car sit for a year in a fenced yard, and it was fine).

Yes. I am extremely excited with much to do to prepare. I have already gone to the dentist, eye doctor (year supply of contact lenses) and have told my friends how to contact me. I still have a lot of packing to do and other loose ends to tie up. Tell me what you are up to!


  • neverknowsbest


    i’m so so so so so so sooooo GLAD I FOUND YOUR SITE!!!

    i’m a black woman moving to Busan in February to teach for EPIK toooo!!! i have NO clue how to pack or get all of my things there. did you bring two bags and your carry on and have someone ship everything else later? or are you much more mobile and have a lot less junk to bring than me?

    i am so excited!!!! >.<

  • I have a ton of stuff, that I left back in the U.S. I had two bags and a carry on, and I was up all night weighing my bags and removing stuff, because it costs almost another plane ticket to have overweight luggage! Check with the airline, because they are serious about that! I only had a few things shipped, because I plan on going back home at some point. I still haven’t decided if I am going to stay another year or not, but I have a safe place in the U.S. to store my stuff.

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  • neverknowsbest

    thank you, that’s really useful information! now i just need to start figuring out what’s even worth bringing 😛 and i love your new post about what to expect and everything. the pictures and everything are awesome!! i have a Korean friend in the US who may come when i first move and help me get settled, which will be super helpful for me.

    if you don’t mind my asking, can you tell me how long it took EPIK to reimburse your ticket and give you the moving allowance? i’m worried about not having much money to live off of when i get there. O_o

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