FAQS About Teaching English in South Korea

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about teaching English in South Korea. I plan to keep this post updated.

Q: Is it difficult to get a job Teaching English in South Korea if you are black?

A: I applied through Footprints Recruiting, and my application for teaching English in South Korea was sent to the Ministry of Education to Teach in the public schools. After my interview I was told within a week that I had the job. So, it was easy for me to apply and get a public school job being black. I didn’t have problems with a public school job. It may be harder with some private schools.

Q: What is a Letter of Appointment?
A: A letter of Appointment is paperwork that is written by the Korean government or whomever is hiring you. It proves that you have a job in South Korea, and you need it to get the proper visa to travel to South Korea and teach.

Q: What is Busan like? Do you like it?
A: I LOVE teaching the children at my elementary school. They are sweet and they do what I say. I have no behavior problems at all; the Korean teachers handle them. My school is strict, but ok. I can wear jeans everyday! I am teaching in a poorer area in Busan. Watch the video about what Busan is like.

Q: What did you pack for your trip?
A: Actually, I left a lot of stuff home in America. I have 10+ years of stuff. I donated a lot to Good Will, but I still have a lot. I brought only two suitcases, and I was okay. Read more about packing for South Korea here.

Q: What are the living conditions like in Busan?
A: I hated my first apartment; it smelled bad and had mold. I love my new apartment. I had to wait 5 months to move! I really like Busan. It’s safe, and it’s a fun city!

Q: How much vacation time do you get teaching English in South Korea?
A: You get more vacation time in public schools than private, usually. I get 10 weeks during the winter, and 8 weeks in the summer. The holidays are different than public school. Read about the winter break in South Korea.

Q: What is the pay like?
A: Actually, it’s good even though the value of the won has declined. I can save half of my salary, easily.


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  • There are some older teachers here, but the majority are younger. I think that most of the older teachers work in universities. If the teacher did not work out, there could definitely have been a problem with the school (administrators or co-teacher). If you know the name of the school, I would try somehow (I don’t know the best way how) to contact that teacher. The previous teacher at my school left after only about two months, and I was told that he was homesick. Now, I definitely don’t think that was the truth!

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