Dating Tips for South Korea

They say that any issues that you have in your hometown will follow you to South Korea. This is so true. I’ve met trifling shady men in America and definitely met my first and hopefully my last one in South Korea. I went out with this guy from West Africa, and we were having a good time, but he made three mistakes upfront. He lied right in front of me during a phone call, telling the caller that he was asleep in bed. What? Couldn’t the caller hear the people in the background from the restaurant where we were having dinner? Next, he ordered for me when I am perfectly capable of reading and ordering my own food, thank you.

The mistakes were not ignored. They irritated me, but I wanted to enjoy the night. That enjoyment came to a quick halt just before midnight when I asked him if he had been married. Sure. He still WAS married. He told me that he has been married for 12 years and has an 11-year-old daughter in the U.S. What? He wanted to be friends. No. We cannot be friends. I can buy my own meals (whatever I like) and go where I desire. Even if we were the only two black people in South Korea, I’d never spend my evenings alone staring into the eyes of a married man.

My advice to the ladies is to ask the most basic questions early on, so as not to waste a good Saturday night. To the men, lying in front of a woman you are trying to impress is stupid, very stupid. Not allowing her to order her own food is rude. Married men around the world, if you want female company go back home to your wives, and stop playing games. A good single woman would not waste her time with you. There are plenty of single men that she could befriend to stoop so low as to go around with a married man.


  • Yeah. I realized when I came to Korea that “Are you married?” is a question you have to ask. I met two guys and they were both like, there is a question you haven’t asked me and I’m like, wow didn’t know I had to. They’re bold in Korea.

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  • sometimes males order food for you to cost down the bills,hmm,he is a little mean.But think about this on his point,he didn’t know you too much,and he didn’t know if he can ml with you,so he ….. lol,every males do that
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  • How can that man lie to his caller in front of you. What a bad experience, he’s just a waste of time. Some may say that it’s rude to ask personal questions the first time you met a person but that won’t work in our generation. 🙂

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