Braids and Locs Near Busan

Many ladies ask me where to get their hair done in South Korea. If you need to get braids, weaves, loc maintenance, dyes, or a relaxer in the Busan area, you should head to Daegu. It’s easy to get there, and I wish that I’d ventured out there before. I know that they do natural hair, and I think that they do relaxed hair. The shops are really small. With only about two chairs for clients.

Here’s How to Get to the Hair Shop in Daegu from Busan
Go to the Busan Train station. I think that it’s stop #113 on the map. Take the KTX train to Daegu. They will tell you that the train stops 3 stops away, and that’s fine. The ticket round-trip will cost around 25,000 won. You can buy the ticket the day of the trip. The trip is about an hour. Once you get off at the station go outside and take a cab (there are a lot) and tell the cab driver to take you to Camp Walker. I did this. I had to ask two cab drivers, but the second one understood me, and eagerly took me there. The driver took me to Gate 4, which is where I needed to go. The trip cost about 7,000 won one way ($7 or a little less depending on the exchange).

Natural Haircare in Busan, South Korea
There are at least two shops there right outside of the base’s gate in Daegu. I got my hair done by a stylist named Pat. The stylists are from Nigeria. Pat did a good job. She dyed, and twisted my locs but her grip was too tight. I had to loosen it up before I got on the train going home. Another woman who was there getting braids said her head hurt when she flipped her box braids back. Don’t let her do your hair too tight or it will break. Locs are easy to loosen, so I did it myself. By the way, the second shop that’s closer to the base quoted me a cheaper price to retighten my locs. I am going to try that place next.

Edited to add: I never did try the second shop out. I noticed that while, Pat did a great job the first time that she did my hair, the next time, the hold for the loc re-tightening didn’t last past a few days.


  • Ashley

    What is the name of the Salon that you went to? Or could I just get to Camp Walker and wing it??
    Thanks very much!

  • Yes. Call first and make an appointment. The number is below. I have to warn you that the shop that I went to, had two sisters. Pat did my hair; someone wrote to me stating that the person who did her hair didn’t know what she was doing, asked what to do, and used liquid honey and beeswax to tighten the locks. The young lady who wrote me, also said that she just didn’t do a good job, and didn’t know how to style her hair as she wanted.

    When I went, the only concern that I had was that it was too tight. She knew how to twist my hair, no problem and did my hair pretty quick. It was extremely neat, just mega tight. I had to loosen it up (a lot) in the bathroom before I set foot on the train. Don’t let her do it too tight as I did, because you hair can break from over-twisting.

    She used Mango and Lime in my hair, a product that’s found in Beauty Supply stores in the U.S. You can bring your own product, and I suggest that if you have loc clips, bring those, too. I went home in the clips and let my hair air dry as I usually do back home. Here’s the number! 010.6870.8502.

    I’m just passing on the info, but do let me know how it goes for you if you decide to try them out!

  • Ashley

    Cool! Thank you for your help its much appreciated 🙂 Hair is definitely a major issue lol.

    Take care,

  • Alicia

    Hi. I was wondering what your thoughts were on bringing hair appliances to S. Korea. Will they break even with a converter? I am worried about the voltage being too high and breaking a hair dryer or flat iron. I currently relax my hair, but would be willing to just get braids for the time I am there. Would I have to buy the hair weave in America and have it shipped or can you get some over there?

  • I think that you will be good with a converter! There are so many ladies here with braids, I’m sure that you can get the hair here. Yes. I’ve seen it in an African hair shop where they braid. I think a lot of ladies go to Seoul for braids.

  • I think that I have more lint than I did when I came here. I’m hoping to pick it out when I get back home.

  • Ken

    do you know if there are any good braid places in busan? or a salon that can do color and relaxers?

  • No. I really don’t think that there are ANY in Busan. The ladies with relaxed hair or braids go to different cities to get their hair done. The shops that do these styles are usually in areas where a military base is located, like Daegu, Seoul, and Osan. There are a bunch more bases, but these are the only ones that I know and have visited. The salons that I am speaking of are not in the bases, so anyone can go to them. Daegu is about an hour away from Busan by train, but it’s an easy trip. There’s definitely a shop that does braids there.

  • Good, I will look for this salon once I get in Busan. However, just like what you did, I would not let it braid too tight as it will break my hair. This is ok if you’ll do it seldom times or just for fashion. Natural hair treatment should also be done. Our hair also deserves treatment.

  • Stephanie

    What did she use to retwist your hair with? Also, what type of shampoo did she use? Thanks!

  • I think that she used mango and lime, a commerical product that is sold in the U.S. I don’t know about the shampoo.

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  • Stephanie

    Hey its stephanie again, would she be willing to use the product I bring? Also, how much does she charge? Will u be traveling there in the month of Sept? Hopefully I can go there then. Thanks

  • Yes. She will use whatever products you bring. I’m not sure how much she charges. It depends on your hair, and if you bring products you can talk her down. Now, I’m not saying that’s the best place to go; that’s the ONLY place I’ve been. I only went twice in a year and did my own hair instead. I won’t be around September. Sorry!

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  • Braids and locs is great for those with curly or kinky hair. It;s another way of adding life to typical curly hair. But for those who have straight hair, I would really suggest to leave your hair that way because braids and lock will really damage your hair.

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