Life after South Korea

It has been a year since I returned from South Korea, and I miss it. I miss being able to walk around at 2 a.m. without watching my back so much. Back home, you are not likely to catch me walking the streets that late. I felt safer in South Korea, in a way. However, I’m not saying that there were not dangers on the streets in South Korea. My main concern was probably people who had too much to drink and were uninhibited. I wasn’t afraid of being robbed or anything like that. I do believe that women should be aware that sexual assaults occur everywhere, South Korea is no different. For the most part, while going to the store, or coming home from hanging out with friends, people left me alone.

I definitely miss my Korean friends. When I was sick, and could barely get out of bed, my Korean friend, Lucy came to my home and helped me pack for my move to my new apartment. She also helped me find a ton of places. If I wanted to find metal hair clamps for my dreadlocks, I asked Lucy. Yes. We found some, but it wasn’t easy. I miss being a short subway ride from the beach, too. Busan was lovely, especially in the summer, spring, and fall. It was nice in the winter, but it did get cold. The snow was gorgeous in Busan. Don’t worry, though. It doesn’t usually snow.

I am definitely going back to visit. Lucy and I kept in touch, but it has been months since I heard from my Korean friend. You know how they say that life got in the way. Several of my American friends went to other places. Many of them stayed in South Korea for another year. I had a place waiting for me back home, so unless I planned a big move, that wasn’t an option. When I go back, I am going to make plans to go to Spa Land. I wish that I could go there everyday during my visit.

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