Make Money from Home Writing Articles With Textbroker

Earn Money Writing With Textbroker

If you like to write and you need to make weekly money from home, give a try. The site has opportunities to earn from about a penny a word upwards to about 5 cents a word. Be forewarned, that it’s not easy to make the higher rate.

You can choose the articles that you’d like to write about on the site. That way, you can write about topics that are actually of interest to you. The topics range from automobiles to traveling. There’s also a miscellaneous category with various odd and end article assignments.

How Works

Clients, usually blog owners, place orders for assignments on Textbroker. These clients provide a brief summary of the article they’d like you to write, including any specifications. Some of the specifications are pretty strict. For example, you might have to include a certain number of strange keywords in the article. It can be challenging, or impossible to work the keywords in the piece and still have it make sense. There might be some words that you are not allowed to use in the article, as well. All articles must be original, of course. Deadlines are within 24 hours of your acceptance.

How to Write for Textbroker

You’ll have to go to the site, complete a W9 tax form, submit a writing sample and send them a scanned copy of your identification. The writing sample determines which level you’ll be assigned on the site. The higher your level, the more you are paid.

You can move up levels to get a higher pay-out per article. You can also move down levels and receive less money. Textbroker’s editors review the articles, and rate them. They examine your grammar and writing style. Associated Press Style, AP style is required, and some editors can be extremely picky when it comes to using proper grammar and following AP Style.

Once accepted into, you can also apply to become a member of one of the expert teams on the site. The teams are for clients who would like to have the same group of writers to write content for them. Each team has different acceptance requirements, because the clients can set their own terms on which type of writer they’d like write for them. Most of the team employers will ask you to submit a sample of your writing, either something you’ve already written or a custom assignment based on their guidelines. They also have level requirements. For example, you won’t be able to apply for a team that requires level 3 and 4 writers if you are only a level 2.

Make Money from Home With Textbroker

Textbroker is an extra money type of job, mostly because you can’t rely on it to find assignments that you’d like to write at all times. Sometimes there isn’t anything to write. The best thing about Textbroker is that the company pays like clockwork, weekly as long as the client approves your work. Yes. the client has to accept your completed article, so it’s best to avoid assignments with impossible requirements, or those that will take too long to complete for the money. Clients have a few days to accept or decline your work, so it’s very possible to write an article on Monday and get paid during the same week.

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