Write Letters for NextWave

NextWave is a company that hires people to write letters for various political and social campaigns. You can choose the campaigns that you want to write for. Basically, you’ll transcribe information from previously recorded conversations. So, you have to write creatively and accurately within some time restraints. The time restraints are reasonable.

Money Ahead by 401(K) 2012

Money Ahead by 401(K) 2012

You’ll have to complete an application that would include a copy of the resume and a cover letter. I remember taking a writing test when I applied to work with NextWave.

The downside is that the work is not consistent. You might work on a couple of letter-writing projects for a few months, and then you might not have anything to work on for several more months. You might not even hear anything else from them again. The letters that you write for NextWave are graded by editors, and if the letters are not creative enough or if they have too many technical errors, you will receive low scores, and probably wont be contacted for the next campaign.

NextWave provides all of the background information and political knowledge or professional writing experience is not required. Apply here to write for NextWave.

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