Preparing to Live Abroad

I’m writing this post as a person who has returned from a gig teaching English in South Korea. Although I was well-prepared for my trip, there were some preparations that I didn’t make and wished that I had. Even if you aren’t planning to live in South Korea as I did, you can probably use these tips to live and […]

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Tips and Advice for Moving to South Korea

I’ve gotten a few contacts from people who are moving to Busan or South Korea in general to teach! You all want advice and tips for moving and you want to know what it’s like in Busan. If you have already applied, read on! I am glad to help by giving you my point of view. What is it Like […]

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I Have My Visa!

Okay. I won’t keep you all in suspense any longer. I haven’t posted since my Notice of Appointment was on the way. I am going to Busan! Once I received my NOA, I waited a while before heading to Atlanta to get my visa. The process went smoothly. Except, I do have some advice for people who are getting their […]

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