Preparing to Live Abroad

I’m writing this post as a person who has returned from a gig teaching English in South Korea. Although I was well-prepared for my trip, there were some preparations that I didn’t make and wished that I had. Even if you aren’t planning to live in South Korea as I did, you can probably use these tips to live and […]

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10 Reasons to Visit and Live in South Korea

After  a year of teaching and working in Busan, I will be leaving South Korea in about a month, more or less.  The departing will be bittersweet, because although I’m excited about being in my homeland, I’ll definitely miss Korea.  In fact, while I am away, I’m making arrangements in the U.S. to travel more extensively, perhaps living in Asia […]

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What’s It Like During Winter Break in EPIK Korean Schools

I have now been in Korea for five months and this is my first break or vacation period here. What’s it like during break time in Korea? In my contract in the English Teachers in Korea Program, EPIK, we have 10 days off for winter break and 8 days off during the summer.

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