What is it like in the Seoul Area?

All I can say is that Itaewon, which is near Seoul, is rockin’. I didn’t see much of the area, but it’s the people there who made it fun. The area is a more diverse city than Busan because everyone goes there first. I loved it because of the Yongsan Army Base. It felt comfortable being there, like being with […]

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Brown Skin and Dreadlocks in South Korea

I’m back in Busan, South Korea, and I have yet some more insight about being an African American in South Korea. I have additional video and tons of photos to post from my stay in Koh Lanta Thailand. I was there for nine days. The very first day that I returned from Thailand, and I went out and about in […]

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Food in South Korea

Some people may be worried about the food in South Korea. I want to attest that it’s good! Kimchi takes some getting used to; it has a pickled taste in my opinion, but other food in South Korea, like Korean barbecue is awesome! The only problem which may or may not be a problem, is that most of the time […]

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