South Korea and North Korea Conflict

When I decided to teach for a year in South Korea last year, North Korea had been threatening South Korea due to the North Korea, South Korea border dispute. I was afraid to go. In fact, I spent a lot of time chatting with my a friend of mine who was also planning to teach in South Korea. I decided […]

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Preparing to Live Abroad

I’m writing this post as a person who has returned from a gig teaching English in South Korea. Although I was well-prepared for my trip, there were some preparations that I didn’t make and wished that I had. Even if you aren’t planning to live in South Korea as I did, you can probably use these tips to live and […]

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Reflections from Teaching in South Korea

I think that trust is one of the biggest issues associated with teaching in South Korea. It takes a lot to trust someone with your wellbeing as what is requested of people in the EPIK program. I say this because teachers move into an area not knowing exactly where they will be placed. Therefore, there is no way to check […]

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